We had a GREAT time at Gulf Wars and made a lot of new friends! Thanks again for coming by the booth. We are pondering more events for this year; right now the next one we have nailed down is Steppes Warlord in Ansteorra on Memorial weekend. There is rumor that we might have a booth at Ansteorra's Queen's Champion event as well. 

Gift Certificates are on the website but we are still having issues with the whole "mailing them" thing. I will happily work with you online to get you a gift certificate on time. Email is usually best, and please put the date required in the Subject line so i can get to it in a timely manner. ~LW

THANK YOU for being supportive of us and our family business in 2016.  It's been a wild ride with lots of changes and bumps in the road, and we appreciate every one of our customers and friends. Let's make 2017 even happier!